CONTORA: Transform your Off-Payroll engagement process

CONTORA® brings your entire contingent resource supply chain under a single compliance platform that drives value delivery through a transparent & coherent framework.

IR35-compliant-software-for-Business-Client IR35-compliant-software-for-Intermediaries-Agencies IR35-compliant-software-for-Suppliers IR35-compliant-software-Contora

Reassuringly compliant, transparent and cohesive.

Unlike traditional paper-based Statements of Work, CONTORA provides a clear, unambiguous approach to contingent resource provisioning.

Each engagement is underpinned by milestone payments with pre-defined service delivery required for the period together with associated approvals and documentation.

Better together.

CONTORA® provides a simple and cost effective way for clients and contractors to define and agree service scope, deliverables and cost up front and track compliance through the entire contract lifecycle

By transitioning to CONTORA® you make something that has previously been inert, complex and time consuming. . . reassuringly interactive, quick and simple.
Select the role most applicable to you, to find out more about how CONTORA® can help make your work life much more efficient.
IR35-compliant-software-for-Business-Client IR35-compliant-software-for-Intermediaries-Agencies IR35-compliant-software-for-Suppliers IR35-compliant-software-Contora
Client / Buyer of Services
CONTORA® provides an all-party, common way of working for managing service engagements, from initial creation, review and approval through to final sign-off and invoice approvals.
Intermediary / CONSULTANCY
CONTORA® allows you to evolve and grow your business into a true off-payroll consultancy with transparent visibility of substitution, independence and risk.
The CONTORA® toolset and framework allows suppliers and engagers to create, track and approve IR35 compliant statements of work and deliverables through a single portal.

Top line benefits of CONTORA®

Efficient, cost-effective, simplified & integrated workflows

Simple, controlled, blockchain security

Control, visibility, 360° view service engagements

Links service engagements to Purchase Orders, saves time, saves costs

Genuine engagements compliant with IR35, evidenced ways of working, all party alignment.

Watch our short video to learn more, then select your role above to find out how CONTORA® works for you.

Better together


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Failing to document your ways of working can be clear indicators of IR35 non-compliance.

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