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Taking the stress out of Statements of Work

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If you’re spending hours each week wrangling documents, following up on out-of-date information or managing multiple different aspects of complex Statements of Work, there is a better way. 

Imagine never having to chase paperwork, follow up on changes to deliverables or deal with static documents that don’t tell the full story of how a supplier engagement has changed and evolved.

Well, you no longer have to imagine. Contora can do all of this, giving you back your time and reducing your stress.

When you use Contora, you’re using a solution built with your specific problems in mind.

Contora provides a centralised hub, giving you effective control, better change management and end-to-end coverage, whether you are a PMO, finance or procurement specialist.

More than just a way to shift from static documents to a central digital location, Contora is infinitely scalable and flexible to your business needs. It supports off-payroll legislation and helps you track milestones, payments and approvals of your projects in seconds, rather than hours.

How did Contora come to life?

As a team of seasoned consultants, we have decades of experience of executing deliverables through Statements of Work.

Together, we’ve managed scores of complex projects for a wide range of clients and are passionate about solving their problems but, one common gap existed across all our clients; their SOW processes were manual,  inefficient and costing them (and us) money.

We knew there had to be a better way to deal with the frustration and complexity of Statements of Work and wanted to a solution that worked for everyone in the supply chain.

So, we created Contora to give clients, consultancies and suppliers, a single source of truth accessed through a collaborative, low cost and truly scalable platform.

As we began to use the platform with our existing clients, we realised how effective it was and wanted to share its benefits with other businesses. That led us to evolve it into the fully fledged platform you see today.

Since launching, Contora has helped clients, and their suppliers, to streamline, simplify and scale their Statements of Work processes, creating less frustrating work for their teams and saving them money.

What's our mission?

At Contora we’re passionate about finding better ways to make life easier. We help organisations free themselves from the stress of Statements of Work complexities and enable them to increase their ROI.

By saving you time and giving you a single hub for all your necessary compliance activities, you can do more with your day.

Our goal is to help businesses, regardless of size, location, industry or vertical, discover a new way to handle complex engagements with crystal clear clarity. No static documents, no chasing supplier delivery or client approval, and no administrative headaches!

Regardless of your industry, contora can help manage your statement of work lifecycle – here are just some of the industries we’re able to support…

  • Government/Public Sector Contracts
  • Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG)
  • Healthcare/Pharmaceuticals 
  • Construction/Property Maintenance
  • Digital Transformation Projects or, any kind of project with external suppliers
  • Outcome Based/Performance Work Package Resourcing
  • Business Consultancy/Managed Service Providers
In fact, Contora is so flexible, there’s not a single SOW scenario we’ve not been able to support.

Still not sure if Contora is right for you?

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