Built with off-payroll compliance in mind

Evidence your status determinations throughout the service engagement

IR35 can be costly to manage

Under Off-payroll legislation, it’s the responsibility of medium and large businesses to undertake due diligence and determine the status of each off-payroll service engagement.



For services assessed outside of IR35 then HMRC will expect comprehensive supporting documentation to evidence that the actual ways of working are aligned with the status determination due diligence.

Simply creating a Statement of Work with little no evidence of Mutuality of Obligation (MOO), Risk, Substitution or Control during execution will simply lead to a red flag from HMRC.

IR35 doesn’t need to be a headache

Collating evidence and documentation for IR35 can be hugely time consuming for companies with dozens, or even hundreds of suppliers.

Our unique SOW structure allows fee payers and hirers to demonstrate 

  • MOO; through clearly defined milestones, deliverables, payments and end date
  • Risk; through outcome based deliverables linked to specific values for each. 
  • Control; through clear definition of requirements and scope prior to the service starting.
  • Substitution; through a managed substitution workflow managed by the supplier.

Contora reduces that burden by evidencing the SOW documentation throughout the engagement.

No leaving it to the last minute, no failure to comply, and all parties working with a single source of truth.

How it works

Cortona provides a unified solution for Statements of Work, offering a hub for all information related to deliverables and work within projects.

Our platform provides you with control and management, allowing you to create contracts and track and monitor them throughout their life cycle.

This gives you comprehensive evidence of contractors’ deliverables and ways of working, helping you steer clear of HMRC enquires and fines.

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Our ROI calculator provides you with a clear insight into how much you could save with Contora based on 7 simple questions on your current SOW practices. 

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