Built for Compliance...

Contora has been designed from the ground up with compliance in mind.

Our process oriented architecture ensures that every interaction, change and approval is not only executed correctly but also tracked so that whenever you need it, the immutable audit trail is available for review.

Compliance that stays in control.

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Providing evidence of compliance can be a tricky task, 
especially when it concerns ways of working going back over a number of years. 

By using contora smart contracts, all activities are automatically
logged so you don’t have to worry about the detail, ever. 

Using an immutable blockchain audit trails we capture everything
and store it safely just in case you ever need it.


FAQ about Contora

Contora allows users to build an electronic contract that, once signed, creates a controlled version within a blockchain ledger. As elements of the contract are executed and approved contora validates the actions in blockchain and notifies your Source to Pay solutions

Yes, CONTORA is fully GDPR compliant.  All users directly manage their own data and have control over how that data is viewed and accessed.

No!  CONTORA has its own, certified, e-signing functionality which means all contracts you sign within it are fully included in your fees.

Yes it is!  In fact we’re frequently told that using contora reduces the time it takes to create a Performance Delivery Agreement (our version of a Statement of Work) by up to 80%

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Create seamless compliance that works for everyone involved.

Set standards, track activities, and minimise risk. No drama, just details.