Take Control of your Project Governance...

If your project governance and reconciliation is being held back chasing for delivery updates, milestone tracking and spend reconciliation, then it’s time for Contora.

Every deliverable, milestone and payment linked directly to an approval workflow within our application ensures you get everything you need, in real-time.

Project Governance Dashboard

Project Governance that sticks to the plan.

Project Governance RAG Status

Project delivery can quickly run over-budget.

Contora will signal if a milestone needs help to stay on track.

So you’re never railroaded into unexpected escalations.

FAQ about Contora

Contora directly manages the milestones, deliverables and approval workflows and provides real-time tracking of cost, delivery, schedule and reconciliation and links to your existing systems to keep track of variance against plan and budget.

Yes, CONTORA is fully GDPR compliant.  All users directly manage their own data and have control over how that data is viewed and accessed.

Better | Project | Delivery

Create seamless governance that works for everyone involved.

Set standards, track targets, and pay for progress. No drama, just deliverables.