More than Supplier Management...

Contora take supplier management to a new  level.

Every engagement, tracked in real-time with full approval workflows, ensure that supplier risks are minimised and contract value erosion is minimised.

Smart legal contracts for procurement
Define & Deliver with Smart Legal Contracts

Maximise your procurement value by engaging suppliers through a performance driven contract framework that minimises contract value erosion.

Accelerate your vendor engagements, track deliverables in real-time, gain transparency throughout the engagement supply chain and add real value to your organisations operational efficiency

Unlike document based templates that are complex, inert and difficult to manage, Contora creates SOWs that are structured, interactive and drive your source to pay workflow.


Standardise all of your supplier deliverables through a single compliance platform


Monitor performance in real-time and identify opportunities for cost savings


Integrate real-time data with existing solutions – no need to replace, just enhance!

Better | Supplier | Management

From opaque objectives,  to transparent targets.

Contora lets you track progress across projects in real time and actively prevents contract value erosion