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Pay Less.


Agile organisations adapt faster to market opportunities at lower risk. Contora is the cloud SaaS solution that redefines services procurement with co-creation.

Slash procurement costs, unlock innovation.

Our instant-on SOW ecosystem offers a transformative approach for Chief Procurement Officers looking to drive innovation and efficiency through their supplier network without having to upgrade or replace their existing solutions.

Build a network of collaborative suppliers.

Provide a single source of truth for requirements.

We make procurement more strategic.

Tired of endless RFP cycles and unpredictable project outcomes? Contora elevates your procurement process bringing transparency to project activities through fully scalable SOW contracts:

A New Advantage

70% of companies see co-creation as key to competitive advantage.
0 %

Control Cost

Co-creation projects deliver 20% higher ROI than traditional sourcing.
0 %

Reduce Project Failure

Organizations embracing co-creation reduce project failure by 50%.
0 %

Accelerate Innovation

From single contractors to large scale government projects, Contora is the only solution capable of delivering multi-tiered contract governance through a single way-of-working.

Smarter Contracts

Generate SOWs tailored to your unique needs, ensuring alignment and compliance.

Agree Terms Upfront

Establish clear requirements upfront to ensure delivery during project execution.

Instant Supplier Network

Plug into your existing VMS and go, or build your own network of suppliers using the Contora platform – either way, we’ve got you covered.

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Innovate together.

Empower co-innovation.

Collaborate with established brands and reliable suppliers to share risks and rewards.

Co-creation enhances procurement efficiency, promotes teamwork, and ensures outcomes. Contora streamlines collaboration and empowers you to “buy more, build less,” allowing you to adapt faster to market changes and secure market dominance.

Get more from SOW contracting.

Tracking dozens of static Statement of Work contracts and change notes takes time away from other tasks.
Contora is a digital platform that centralises contracts, improving control and the tracking of project outcomes and costs.

Experience The Power Of Co-Creation.

Register for a free 30-day trial, or schedule a Contora demo today and see the difference first-hand. 

Frequently Asked Questions

A SOW is a document that outlines the scope, objectives, deliverables, and timeline of a project or engagement between a client and a service provider.

A SOW provides a clear understanding of the project requirements, expectations, and responsibilities of both parties. It helps ensure that the project is executed smoothly and that all parties are aligned.

A SOW typically includes project objectives, deliverables, timeline, milestones, resources required, pricing and payment terms, acceptance criteria, and any specific terms and conditions.

SOW platforms provide a centralized and streamlined approach to creating, managing, and tracking SOWs. They offer features such as templates, collaboration tools, version control, and reporting, which help improve efficiency and reduce administrative overhead.

SOW platforms enable better vendor management by providing visibility into vendor performance, contract compliance, and project progress. They facilitate communication, document sharing, and performance tracking, ensuring that vendors meet their obligations.

Yes, some best practices include clearly defining project objectives, scope, and deliverables, using measurable metrics for success, setting realistic timelines, involving key stakeholders in the SOW creation process, and ensuring legal and compliance requirements are addressed.

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