Creating a Statement of Work is just the start...

Contora helps you transform your end-to-end service delivery to increase productivity, remove hidden costs and, at the same time, keep your projects on time, on budget and fully transparent.

Easy to use & collaborative.

We revolutionise how our clients execute projects.

Contora enables you to create, collate and track Work package delivery by streamlining the time-consuming effort of defining and managing the SOW lifecycle.

From individual outcome delivery to handling large and complex programme execution, our unique  platform provides a centralised hub to scale, automate and simplify your project outcomes.

Contora covers the entire execution workflow and, as a result, reduces the burden of procurementPMOcompliance and finance teams throughout the project supply chain.

With Contora managing delivery, your projects remain on time, within scope and on budget.

Why use Contora?

We recognise that success is measured not by only recording time and effort but by meeting the requirements contractually agreed in the SOW.

It therefore made sense to start with a platform that not only made creating the SOW easier but also utilised the data contained within it to measure and report delivery performance.


It was also clear that many programs utilise a mix of both internal and external resources when executing projects and need the flexibility to be able to assign and track deliverables from both.

Contora’s best-of-breed workflow ensures that every work package is created with ‘gold standard’ structure, format and layout to allow delivery by project resource, inter-departmental resource, inter-company resource, outsourced MSP or even MSP sub-contractor.

Work packages can be created, assigned, tracked and delivered quickly and easily, ensuring a single source of truth for all stakeholders. 

By reducing the ‘non value-add’ administration of your project delivery, Contora allows you to focus on delivering project success.

Why choose us?

Here are just some of the industries we’ve been able to support…

  • Government/Public Sector Contracts
  • Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG)
  • Healthcare/Pharmaceuticals 
  • Construction/Property Maintenance
  • Digital Transformation Projects or, any kind of project with external suppliers
  • Outcome Based/Performance Work Package Resourcing
  • Business Consultancy/Managed Service Providers
  • Media Consultancies
In fact, Contora is so flexible, there’s not a single work package scenario we’ve not been able to support.

Still not sure if Contora is right for you?

Our ROI calculator provides you with a clear insight into how much you could save with Contora based on 7 simple questions on your current SOW workflow. 

Want to see the Contora difference?

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