Transformational Statements of Work.

Contora transforms the process of creating and managing Statements of Work and helps organisation deliver projects more efficiently.

Fully scalable, automated and easy to use, contora can scale from simple service delivery to complex programmes with multiple suppliers, payment models and structures.

Statements of Work...
Digitally Transformed

Contora is the most effective way to create & manage your Statements of Work.

Developed by a team of contract specialists and Universities, Contora optimises the entire SoW lifecycle from creation to payment reconciliation.

What's wrong with using word templates ?

Word templates are inert and provide
little or no user guidance.  

They can’t validate data that is cross referenced nor provide rolled up calculations and, as a result, invariably contain errors and create delays during review &sign-off.

Statement of Work template

The result is quite often;  poorly expressed requirements, milestones that don’t align, deliverables with no ‘definition of done’ and incorrect calculations for milestone charges.

How is Contora different?

Contora Doesn’t Start With a Blank Template…

Contora starts by guiding you through 5 core components to capture what you want to achieve.


What product(s) or service(s) do you need your supplier to provide?


What outcomes do you expect to be delivered from each product or service?


What are the key milestones or delivery dates for each deliverable


How do you know your deliverables are done & meet your expectations


When can the supplier request payment? (Normally linked to items 1-4)

It then joins these together, creates milestones, assigns deliverables and automatically calculates values to create the perfect Statement of Work

And it doesn't stop there...

Contora manages your entire SoW lifecycle – from creation, review, signing, tracking, approving and even reconciling every single milestone, deliverable and payment. 

Contora helps procurement teams gain real-time visibility of vendor performance, finance teams reconcile delivery against invoicing and payments and project teams track delivery performance against approvals.

And everything you do is designed document activities to support off-payroll compliance.

From draft to sign-off, requirements to delivery and budget to approval,
we’ve got it covered.

ROI in Weeks, Not Years

Our clients typically achieve a 20:1 return on investment when using Contora versus existing Contract Lifecycle Management tools and a 38:1 return when transitioning word templates and manual processes Get an instant review of your existing processes to understand how contora can help.

All for less than £1 per day

Whether you’re a ‘start-up’ with 3 SoWs or a global enterprise organisation  with 3,000; Contora manages the ‘end to end’ workflow and integrate via API into any existing system or platform.

Our SOW platform helps you align payments with performance, and outputs with outgoings – as a result, everyone in the supply chain operates from a single source of truth.

Structured & Simple

We’ve connected all the dots so you can track every deliverable, in any milestone, from any SoW, across all projects and spot costs before they cost you – without having to replace your existing CLM platform.

By using a standardised workflow, users are guided through each step to create Statements of Work that contain milestones that are unambiguous, and deliverables that add value

Milestones that Deliver

 As a result, you finally get the quality of SoWs your business deserves from a platform that was specifically designed to create and manage them.

Adding Value to Project Delivery

Our priority is to help clients realise more value from their projects & services by building commercial value into not only the contract, but also the source-to -pay workflow that is required though-out the SoW lifecycle.

Truly Cost Effective & Scalable

We put compliance above user licences. That’s why you only pay for the SoWs services that you use and are free to add as many users as you need to ensure every project is a success.

Still Need a PDF Output?

Not a problem! Once you defined all your requirements Contora can output its data to any template design you may need, whether its your own or your clients, you can be certain that that the content will be great and perfectly structured.