Transformational Statements of Work

Contora helps you transform your end-to-end SOW process to increase productivity, remove hidden costs and, at the same time, keep your projects on time, on budget and fully compliant.

Easy to use & collaborative.

We will revolutionise how your company manages the delivery of project services.

Contora enables you to create, collate and track Statements of Work by streamlining the time-consuming effort of manual templates and workflows.

From individual outcome delivery to handling large and complex programme execution, our unique platform provides a centralised hub to scale, automate and simplify your end-to-end SOW processes.

Contora covers the entire SOW workflow and, as a result, reduces the burden of procurementPMOcompliance and finance teams throughout the project supply chain.

With Contora managing delivery, your projects remain on time, within scope and on budget.

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Why use Contora?

As professional consultants who’ve used SOWs first-hand, we know that the time and effort spent on hidden administration of manual SOW templates could be better spent on value-add activities.

During SOW creation, Contora ensures that all your requirements are accurately collated, calculated and validated.

When it comes to project delivery and approval, every milestone payment request is aligned with clear, unambiguous delivery criteria and financial controls.

Contora’s best-of-breed workflow ensures that every SOW is created with ‘gold standard’ structure, format and layout. 

This reduces confusion, prevents ambiguity an accelerates your review and sign-off process. 

By reducing the ‘non value-add’ administration of your SOWs, Contora allows you to focus on delivering project success.

Why choose us?

  • Contora makes your job easier by streamlining SOWs without sacrificing cross-referencing, calculation or control.

  • Contora provides full version control thereby removing the need for countless change notes 

  • Contora’s transparency and integration makes it the perfect match for managing your digital transformation journey.

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Our ROI calculator provides you with a clear insight into how much you could save with Contora based on 7 simple questions on your current SOW workflow. 

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The time and effort you spend on manual templates could be better spent elsewhere – it’s time to digitally transform your Statement of Work lifecycle.