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Full visibility of process, payment and progress – any project, any angle and any supplier with
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Why contora?

For most businesses, project execution is an uphill battle and, with so many contracts running at once, your suppliers can quickly steer you off-budget.

Because our de-centralised contract platform helps you align payments with performance, and outputs with outgoings - you only pay on delivery, and never on demand.

We’ve connected all the dots so you can track every milestone, from any contract, across all projects and spot costs before they cost you.

As a result, you receive full visibility on post-signature processes, payments and progress - all in one place.

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Smart | Project | Execution
Say goodbye to premature payments and overboard budgets.

Our payment approval workflow gives you financial foresight and lets you spot costs before they cost you.
SOURCE to pay, Simplified
We’re reshaping the 'source to pay' workflow.

Create contracts with clear deliverables for everyone.

No room for interpretation - just inspiration.
Projects put into focus
Contora gives you clarity on everything.

Get full visibility on supplier performance and progress in real-time.

From budgets to breakthroughs - from Day One, to Done.

Clarity on Everything