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We Boost flexibility, choice and project control

Contora brings flexibility and control to project delivery contracts to improve the performance, governance and value of supply chains.  This ensures successful project outcomes.

Procurement Leaders
Project Leaders
Finance Leaders

Discover the Value Of Co-Innovation.

IT and procurement leaders look to adopt a co-innovation approach to project delivery to accelerate results, tap into expertise, and share risk with strategic partners.

Protectagainst worker misclassification.

Are you looking for a seamless way to create and share Statement of Work contracts–with appropriate safeguards against worker misclassification?  

Pay On Results

Ensure project plans are reliably delivered by suppliers on budget.

Cut IR35/ICC Risk

Avoid the errors in contracting that result in worker misclassification fines.

Save Time

Gain single view of project contracting arrangements to simplify invoice reconciliation.

Successful project outcomes every time.

Contora forms the transparent digital ecosystem that builds connections, trust and immutable SOW contracts between supplier value chain stakeholders without effort or energy.  So project plans match budgets, work orders and fees match invoices: 

1 in 3 projects (37%) experience cost overruns.
< 64% of projects meet their original goals and objectives.
0 %
< 29% of IT projects are completed on time and on budget.
0 %

Boost transparency and fairness across the supply chain

Fairer Projects

Each partner gives and receives value in a measurable and compliant way.

Avoid Headaches

Avoids unbudgeted project spend, reconciliation headaches, and worker misclassification hangovers!

Complex projects can be split into work packages or milestones that can be approved for payment.

Gartner Project Management Survey (2022) | PMI Pulse of the Profession Report (2023) | Standish Group Chaos Report (2021)

Faster Technology Project Results.

Unlike traditional SOW contracts that use ‘literals,’ Contora creates active contracts that adapt as projects evolve.

Easy To Manage and Administer.

Simplify contract and communications in one accessible location.

Easy To Learn From.

Know what works and reuse templates in future contracts!

Easy To Deploy.

Originate contracts using best practice terminology with our AI copilot.

Easy To Invoice.

Automate work sign-off and invoice reconciliation.

Reduce IR35/ICC risks.

Simplify compliance. Contora automatically tracks all project activity, documents, and changes, providing an irrefutable record for effortless Independent Contractor Compliance.

Get started right away.

Contora is a fully managed cloud SOW solution which means there is no need to install software or pay for upgrades.

Start the road to successful project control today !

Experience Smarter SOW Contracts.

Register for a free 30-day trial, or schedule a Contora demo today and see the difference first-hand.

Globally, organizations lose an average of 9.9% of their project budget to project failure, with an average cost of $109 million for every failed project.

Frequently Asked Questions

A SOW is a document that outlines the scope, objectives, deliverables, and timeline of a project or engagement between a client and a service provider.

A SOW provides a clear understanding of the project requirements, expectations, and responsibilities of both parties. It helps ensure that the project is executed smoothly and that all parties are aligned.

A SOW typically includes project objectives, deliverables, timeline, milestones, resources required, pricing and payment terms, acceptance criteria, and any specific terms and conditions.

SOW platforms provide a centralized and streamlined approach to creating, managing, and tracking SOWs. They offer features such as templates, collaboration tools, version control, and reporting, which help improve efficiency and reduce administrative overhead.

SOW platforms enable better vendor management by providing visibility into vendor performance, contract compliance, and project progress. They facilitate communication, document sharing, and performance tracking, ensuring that vendors meet their obligations.

Yes, some best practices include clearly defining project objectives, scope, and deliverables, using measurable metrics for success, setting realistic timelines, involving key stakeholders in the SOW creation process, and ensuring legal and compliance requirements are addressed.

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