1.  Infinitely Scalable

Regardless of your SOW volume, work package complexity or milestone structure, Contora is infinitely scalable and highly cost effective.

2.  Efficient Creation, Review and Sign-off

Standardised workflows ensure a highly efficient creation and review process that typically reduce SOW review times by up to 60%.

3.  True SOW Lifecycle Management

Contora manages the entire SOW lifecycle including version control, e-signing, milestone reporting & approvals and reconciliation.

4.  A Single Source of Truth

No need for Clients and Suppliers to manage separate workflows for SOW delivery.  Contora Operates as a single source of truth for all parties.

5.  Integrates With Existing Systems

No need to replace your CLM, VMS, ERP or Source to Pay solutions – Contora sends the SOW data they need in real-time so you don’t have to replace anything.

6.  Embedded Milestone Approval 

No more need for endless e-mails chasing approvals or confusion over what has been approved or rejected – Contora provides clarity and removes ambiguity.

7.  Control Over Contingency & Expenses

Contora manages your budget during execution and provides control to ensure any Contingency or Expense is Pre-Approved before spend.

8.  Full Version Control

Contora employs full version control so, no matter how many changes have taken place, you’re always reviewing and signing off against the most current version.

9.  Alignment With The Plan

Linking with tools like JIRA, DevOps and Monday.com means you can create your plan there and transfer the milestones and deliverables into Contora.

10.  Reduce Risk, Improve Compliance

From the moment of creation to SOW reconciliation & closure, we provide checks and balances to ensure the right people, are doing the right thing, at the right time.

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