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With complete transparency at project, milestone and deliverable level, it’s never been easier to manage client expectations with Statements of Work that drive outcome based services.

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The contora framework allows you to manage and grow your services, at scale, without the traditional overhead of managing paper-based or word template Statements of Work.

Create SoWs in half the time with a workflow that builds a collaborative partnership with your clients and supports compliance with off-payroll legislation
Centralised Ir35 records​ Contora
Centralised COMPLIANCE
Contora provides an all-party, common way of working for managing statements of work.
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Business Growth
Contora scales easily, keeps admin costs low and doesn't eat into your service margins.
Contract approval
Contora allows suppliers and clients to create, track and approve off-payroll compliant statements of work.

Contora makes your contracts and engagements visible, interactive and collaborative rather than paper-based, inert and difficult to manage.

Understand and deliver

When it comes to supplier projects, miscommunication can be costly. Steer clear of confusion with our straightforward project delivery platform, for straight-talking businesses. .

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