Define & Deliver

When it comes to supplier engagements, miscommunication can be costly.  

Steer clear of confusion with our straightforward supplier platform, for straight-talking businesses.

laptop with CONTORA statement of work visibile

Maximise your procurement value by engaging suppliers through a common framework that drives business simplification.

Accelerate your SoW creation, track deliverables in real-time and remain compliant throughout the engagement supply chain

CONTORA makes your Statements of Work visible, interactive and collaborative, rather than paper-based, inert and difficult to manage.


Standardise all of your supplier deliverables through a single SoW platform


Monitor vendor performance in real-time and identify opportunities for cost savings


Integrate real-time data with existing vendor management solutions

From opaque objectives,  to transparent targets.

Contora lets you track progress across projects in real time. See how your suppliers perform- from what's on schedule, to what needs support.