Struggling to manage your SoW portfolio?

If you’re still using Word templates to create SoWs, Excel spreadsheets to track milestones or e-mail workflows to approve payments then its time to change.

Statements of work that stick to the plan.

Supplier projects can quickly run over-budget. 

CONTORA will signal if a Statement of Work needs help to stay on track. 

So you’re never railroaded into unexpected costs.

FAQ about Contora

Managing Statements of Work through CONTORA starts from just £99 per month.  We do not charge any additional e-sign fees or  % of contract revenue making it the most cost effective SoW tool on the market

Yes, CONTORA is fully GDPR compliant.  All users directly manage their own data and have control over how that data is viewed and accessed.

No!  CONTORA has its own, certified, e-signing functionality which means all contracts you sign within it are fully included in your fees.

We’re happy to discuss free access to our sandbox environment to help you see for yourself how effective CONTORA is.

It's SoW Simple

Create seamless statements of work that work for everyone involved.

Set standards, track targets, and pay for progress. No drama, just deliverables.