Projects that move mountains shouldn't cost the earth...


Align payment with deliverables and keep your project costs from peaking – track every deliverable across every project

tablet showing SoW History of transaction

CONTORA putting finance first...

From the moment you create your first statement of work through to approving the final deliverable, CONTORA puts you in complete financial control.

No more unwanted surprises at project close out.

Every milestone, every cost every approval; tracked and reported in real-time.

CONTORA® transforms how finance, procurement and PMO work together with external suppliers to create value delivery

Clarity on Everything


The entire financial workflow can be fully managed within CONTORA®. 

Define deliverables, assign milestones, control costs, approve payment, link to purchase orders, manage changes, remain compliant (even SoX!), reconcile and report – all in one platform

CONTORA provides a transparent framework for:

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Clarity on Everything