Gain value delivery from your contingent work-force

The CONTORA platform allows you to transition your off-payroll suppliers to an outcome-based framework that drives value delivery and full audit driven compliance

If your existing contractors are walking away rather than moving to Fixed Term Contracts (FTC) or umbrella companies, then CONTORA is your solution.

Don't let your projects fail because your current processes don't accommodate outcome-based delivery by contractors.

CONTORA has been developed to help all parties in the resource supply chain. It is a delivery model that drives value from the outset and focuses suppliers on the things that matter

Centralised Ir35 records​ Contora
CONTORA helps define and document your ways of working and your suppliers’ ways of working, to support correct status determinations for off-payroll engagements.
The entire off-payroll way of working can be fully managed within CONTORA.
approve IR35 compliant statements Contora
You can confidently issue your suppliers with a Status Determination Statement, based on the documented ways of working of your complete resource supply chain.
Mitigate Risk
The whole contractor/client relationship is manged through CONTORA via Statements of Work. All milestones, deliverables and payments are managed through this portal. Everything is fully transparent, recorded and evidenced.
CONTORA can help you re-align your off-payroll ways of working in a compliant and fully managed way.
CONTORA transitions your inert, paper-based Statements of Work into agile, interactive living documents that return true value and save significant time and effort during creation, revision and execution

Contora makes your contracts and statements of work visible, interactive and collaborative, rather than paper-based, inert and difficult to manage.


Fill out your company profile


Add in your ways of working and get a positive compliance assessment result


Upload your Statement of Work and wait for IR35 compliant contractors to apply to you.

IR35 Compliant. Complete peace of mind.
“Whenever I do any form of training or speak to any clients, what I always say is documentary evidence is key. HMRC, whilst it might not be paperwork anymore, it might be held on computers, but HMRC will want evidence, HMRC always want you to prove something didn't happen. HMRC are just paper mad - they constantly want evidence”
Nidel Nordone
Nigel Nordone
Head of Tax, QDOS Solicitors
Better together.

FAQ about Contora

Managing a service through CONTORA costs £1 per day.  We do not charge any additional service fees or  % of contract revenue making it the most cost effective SoW tool on the market

This service is free of charge.  You only pay for your active services on your statements of work 

No problem.  Just tell your Contractor about CONTORA (it is totally free for them to register), upload your Statement of Work and you can both use CONTORA to manage your project  with a complete 360-degree view of deliverbales.   Even the drafting of documents can be done within the system so changes can be tracked. 

At CONTORA we can help transition your ways of working to an outcome based model and make full use of statements of work to manage delivery.

Fully embrace and adopt the Contora framework and it will help you prove IR35 compliant ways of working to HMRC.

CONTORA mitigates your risk.

CONTORA provides immutable evidence that you are following the process of working within off-payroll working legislation. It is not just a ‘paper’ exercise but a fully aligned project management system with no contradiction or conflict of interest.

Better together. Source, engage, deliver.

CONTORA is a brand new, ecosystem for suppliers and engagers to source, engage and deliver IR35 compliant products and services.

Add your details today. There is no charge and no obligation until a project goes live. 

What might HMRC come after me for?
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Failing to document your ways of working can be clear indicators of IR35 non-compliance.

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