CONTORA provides your clients with a genuine option for 'outside' IR35 engagements...

CONTORA® provides all parties in the resource supply chain a common framework for managing outcome based service delivery.

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Why you need CONTORA®

The new off-payroll regulations mean that many of the best contractors are choosing to walk away from roles rather than move under an umbrella or FTC.

Forward thinking intermediaries are realising that this exodus is unsustainable in the long term and they need to offer their clients a more effective, yet still compliant, way of engaging contractors 'outside' of IR35.

CONTORA® provides your entire resource supply chain with a powerful, cloud-based framework, which allows all parties to create, document and evidence their ways of working as a managed service.

The platform provides clients with a measurable list of expected deliverables; allows contractors to transition from a Personal Services Company to a Managed Service Supplier and ensures that recruiters retain the best contractors on their books.

CONTORA® is a  brand new ecosystem for suppliers, intermediaries and engagers to source, engage and deliver IR35 compliant products and services.

IR35 Compliant. Complete peace of mind.

Retain Contractors

CONTORA® is unique in that it enables contractors to manage their entire workflow at a granular level, with contractors, intermediaries and clients all having total visibility on the same information. Statements of Work, Contracts, Milestones, Deliverables and more, are all managed in one compliant place.

CONTORA® makes it easy for personal services companies to genuinely operate as a managed service supplier. Join them.



The entire managed service way of working can be fully managed within CONTORA®. All parties within the network will be on one cloud-based comprehensive ecosystem.

CONTORA® is a genuine alternative to Umbrellas or Fixed Term Contracts because it provides fee payers and hirers with the security that if they utilise the system fully, they will be genuinely operating in compliance of outside IR35.

CONTORA provides a transparent framework for:


Mitigate Risk

The whole supply chain is managed through CONTORA® via a Statement of Work model. All milestones, deliverables and approvals are handled within this portal. Everything is fully transparent, recorded and evidenced. All parties know exactly what should be happening, when it will be happening and it is all done in a fully compliant way. All this can be unequivocally demonstrated to HMRC with blockchain immutability.

CONTORA® provides agencies and intermediaries the power to give contractors and clients the confidence that they are safe to work ‘outside’ of IR35. You can reassure them that by utilising CONTORA fully, they will be operating in a compliant manner and they can evidence this, should HMRC require it.


It couldn’t be easier to join the CONTORA revolution if you are an intermediary.

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Failing to document your ways of working can be clear indicators of IR35 non-compliance.

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